UI: Meaning, Usage, Examples and Types.

UI: Meaning

‘UI’ can be annotated to acronym, ‘user interface’. User interface or UI, in information technology, is everything integrated inside an information device used by humans for interaction. This includes display screens, a mouse, keyboards and the look on a desktop screen. UI is also a medium for the user to interact with a mobile/cellphone application or a website.

User interaction (UI) implies human interaction with machines. Particularly machinery that has direct user interaction such as computer OS’s, hand-operated tools, operator and process controls. User interaction (UI) involves the use of psychology and ergonomics.

UI: Usage

Following is usage of the word UI across time, ranging from 1800s to 2000s according to Google Books Ngram Viewer.

As it can be seen from the chart the word UI peaked in volume during the 1800s and has remained stagnant since then. Till 2019, where it peaks again. Keep reading to know more on how volume peaks this year can mean a lot for you financially.

UI: Types

The idea behind user interaction is for the machine to minimize undesired outputs to the human when searching for something. Generally meaning, making the UI user-friendly.